Clear Fork Crime Stoppers
Dove Hunt 2016

Fall 2016

$ 50 per hunter per day

Sunflower and hailed out wheat field leases in Fisher, Haskell,
Jones & Shackelford Counties



Only 100 hunters accepted each day, first come first served.
Reserve your spots now by calling

325-668-0302, 940-864-4814 or 325-260-4913.


No hunters under 14, and all hunters under 18 must
be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Have questions?

Call any of the numbers listed above.

If rained out money will be refunded or alternative day offered.

Hunters are responsible for providing their own transportation
and picking up all shells and other trash.
No ATV’s or glass bottles allowed.

Hunters are responsible for following all state and
federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow hunters.

Demonstrate true sportsmanship!

On the day of your hunt, meet on the Stamford Square by the Marquee. Guides will leave at 6 escort you to your lease.

Neither CFCS or landowners are responsible in case of accidents.


***All proceeds benefit Clear Fork Crime Stoppers,
a 501.3c non-profit organization